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Thanks for your quick reply. 

Maybe it would be an idea to have the option to also adjust the volume journal with regards to the price scale. That way it would be more convenient than via the volume search.

Ok, thanks. Where can I switch the ray off?

With other words - it is not possible I guess.

There should only be one color per side - red and green. Here there are different color tones and it's marking the volumes and not the imbalance % as set my settings are showing.

How can I show TF2 in a bar chart? Would like to have the daily volume included.

Since placing an order is a moving action you cannot capture it with a screenshot. All I can provide are the previous screenshots and explanation. Yes, windows stay on top.


You can also simulate that error on your side. Simply place an alert, place a limit order but don't release the line respectively leave your finger on the mouse button. When the alert gets triggered you will see the order limit line in the order window and the alert pop up in front of you. The order will not execute and the program crashes / needs to be restarted.

Then when restarting..

.. and back in the order window after restart the order is also gone:

Problem fixed itself over night. With regards to the broker there was no open or placed order. 

Thanks for quick procedure!

Thanks for your continuous quick support - Lots are also deleted now.