Value frame

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Hello, Above and below the "frame" a number, positive, negative, green, red. Explanation ,?, thank you.

Hi,---->Some ideas : Profile , 1-display bid vwap, ask vwap, total vwap, 2- profile quotes counter, delta, aggregate.. , 3- vertical histogram quotes counter, delta .., 4- summary : sum profile delta max delta+ delta- , ...Thanks.

Привет, ---->Некоторые идеи: Профиль, 1-отображение ставки vwap, Ask vwap, общий vwap, 2- счетчик котировок профиля, дельта, совокупность.., 3- счетчик котировок вертикальной гистограммы, дельта .., 4- сводка : профиль суммы дельта макс дельта+ дельта- , ...Спасибо

Hello, unless there is an error or misunderstanding on my part, I do not see this idea discussed on the forum.

Buy Sell Leader -->ON  

Buy Sell leader Size ; Double cluster graph Sell / Buy.

How to determine the direction of movement and the buy sell imbalance?

1- Visually...?

2- By adding the value of each buy sell cluster ?

Representation of the 2 figures on the graph, several choices...

Please , could you test this hypothesis . Cordial greetings.

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