Is Volfix Anywhere a Light Version?

anonymous 2 years ago in Support updated 2 years ago 4


is it right that the Mac Version of Volfix have less options to work with?

I mean, there are no newsfeed, calendar or other functions how other trading platforms has.

If yes, it will come in with updates because it's new or it will stay like this in the future?


It is not right,

Volfix the same on Windows, MacOs and Linux.

Image 856

This picture is from the homepage and for me this are newsfeed. Why i can find this columns in marketwatch? 

It is very old screenshort.

The newsfeed was delete in Volfix a many years ago.

But why? I have yesterday a big loss trade, because a rocket attack in Poland and at first i didn't know why, the index falls immediately…

What do you recommend to do and it's possible to integrate again?