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with all simplicity I would like to say that on the net especially on youtube there is very little material about volfix, and what exists is a bit old, with much improved volfix functions in the last two years, on the net I often see especially in my country Italy present the voflix in a very simple way and making very little use of the potential of this excellent volume platform, I believe that the assistance of being able to show what the platform can do, especially with the new features, is fundamental both for us who use it and for those who use it. he must know, I am talking about the use of order flow, the imbalance of big trade and much more that is little advertised, on the volfix using it practically more for volume profiles than for anything else. My opinion can be used much more thoroughly and with practice you can see much more than what is presented, and I believe that now with the new volfix a technical presentation is very important, I do not say about trading systems but what can you do show the platform, beyond the use that everyone makes them (all this done periodically with open markets and real examples), here is not a criticism of volfix, which I think has excellent support, but only that a continuous presentation on real markets to show what the volfix, especially the new one, could really be an added value for everyone thanks sorry for the controversy

excuse to simplify my speech a bit, all compared to a car, not the presentation of the car by a champion of fomula one (top trader) who teaches me how to use it to win races, (which could be his way of winning a lot discretionary and perhaps even difficult to replicate (see reversal charts) but the constant presentation of the car on a circuit by a good mechanic who teaches me to see the car, not how to use it to win in his own way, but which makes me understand everything The car can make sure in a round (at open markets) that then I can find the best way or mine to win my races