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Anotherdaytrading 4 years ago in Support updated 4 years ago 6

Hello: draw tools


I put numbers on a graph and the size gradually increases ?,  can you test yourself please. Thanks

Under review


What do you mean?

Can you send screenshot?

I input numbers  A B C , the size of the letter increase without intervention from me. 

I use a program (waves elliott calculation) at the same time with metatrader , sometimes I get an error like: "Access violation at adress ...."; no solution for several years. Would this program be responsible?.


Ok, we will investigate font size problem.

Do you got error "Access violation at adress ...."; from Volfix or other program?

No such error with Volfix.

The error comes from this program which runs on metatrader; do you have any idea how to intervene and resolve this problem? .thanks in advance.

Font size: Hello, could you test again please , thanks.