Real time ALLPRICES Module

Anotherdaytrading 5 years ago in Statistics modules updated by support 5 years ago 5

Hi, end of year 2019 ,

Future development 2020 , some ideas:

  Priority for me : Realtime Allprices module ; multiple alerts ; daily graph at least.

  Given the investments, could this module be part of a paid add-on.


  Excel RTD , ( efficiency ?) .

  Custom studies formula builder or Volfix link to a personnal database .



Under review


We have plan to add multiple alerts.

What do you mean as " daily graph at least" ?

The graphic of the day "ALLPRICES" or following a selection of the trader (Date: from ---- to ----); (Time: from ---- to ----); with 3 variables: price, buy, sell in the form of lines seems interesting. According to my tests, It allows, sometimes to more easily highlight the maximum and buy sell spreads.

Of course you could modify this table (Oracle database?)  and add other columns. Thanks.


Volfix have real-time graphic of the "All Prices". This chart named "Volume Profile",  now available only volume.


I rediscover the "combo chart", good advice.
Do you have a precise idea of the date of operation of the real-time "all prices" module + alerts? .Thank you.


We don't have plans to real-time "all prices" module.

The chart named "Volume Profile" is graphical representation of "all prices".