Additional Options for the Risk Manager

Volume-Trader 6 years ago in Statistics modules updated by support 5 years ago 2

Is it possible for the risk manager to add additional options?

A way to set a percentage daily loss. For example 5% of the account size.

An additional possibility.

A fixed maximum loss of e.g. $ 300 on the day.

Even if a profit of about $ 1000 has already been earned, these should be taken into account. So that only on the day up to $ 700 can be "dropped" and no further loss or even the ertradete can be completely or even more lost.

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Under review


Second request already available. It is options "Trailing Profit per ticker"


Partially done.

Done only second trailing profit request.

The daily loss in % of account size it is not good idea. Because it can be not clearly to understand real value.

Current account size and begin of day size can be different. Also, part of amount can be locked on bought stocks or bonds.

Also exists accounts with zero amount but with lots limit buy power.