Volume journal alert

Tay 6 years ago in Statistics modules updated by Flo 3 years ago 7

I would like to set an alarm as soon as the monthly /Week / All volumes change.

For example, at volume journal. Actually, you can only set the volume limit without alarm.



Volume  Journal is statistic NOT real-time module. Data can delay 1-10 minutes (it is depends on TF).

Please use New POC alert on charts or on Trading DOM to get alert for new POC.

So far it's not necessarily intuitive how this is to be done in VolFix Anywhere.

Moreover, I doubt I will have enough time for watching whole videos completely for the sole purpose of learning which single one of many boxes has to be checked. Searching all the different groups of options for the right one is equally time consuming.


This feature will be implemented in the new multi-platform (Windows / OSX / Linux) version of VolFix.