Price Scale in Volume Journal is wrong

Atlan 6 years ago in Statistics modules updated by support 4 years ago 3

Hi all,

the price scale in some market in the Volume Journal is wrong. It seems that there was a default scale of 0,0001 set which is fine for the 6A and 6B but for the other the Volume sums are wrong because of rounding errors.

Here is a list of the markets that I checked:

6A    0,0001   OK

6B    0,0001   OK

6C    5E-5      faulty

6E    5E-5      faulty

6J    5E-7       faulty

6N    0,0001   OK

Here is a Picture in which shows the issue:

Image 203

Kind Regards

I have exactly the same problem!

Please fix as soon as possible.

best regards


Not a bug


It is not error.

The price scale 0,0001 is better choose for volume analyze 6E/6E.

So, it is not error on Volume Journal.

We recommend use price scale 0,0001 for 6E/6C on all VolFix modules (All price, Charts etc.)