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Good morning,

What is the name of the Volfix CME data server? (cqg, rithmic, other?).

Is it possible to use the Volfix stream on 2 programs at the same time, for example Volfix and Bookmap (with Rithmic), to name just these two. You will understand, the goal is to reduce connection costs.

A Volfix option without the corresponding associated flow could undoubtedly interest some traders with this approach; similarly a Volfix CME currencies proposal without the shares and the rest would be useful.

A version accessing your server database with password, telephone number, I wonder...?

On the other hand, personally, I would happily pay for an "add-on, third party" application with monthly subscription, developed by Volfix developers with my ideas or others... is it feasible. ?. Any idea of the price per day or per line?...

This will certainly seem contradictory to you..., however, I still remain a "fan" of Volfix for several years.

Thank you for your reply.

Cordial greetings.



You can connect CQG, Rithmic or IBKR account to Volfix.

It is impossible to then use market data stream in several programs at the same time.

Volfix does not provide access to our database.

We do not provide custom software development services. But you can leave your wishes in this forum.