More Heatmap Levels

anonymous 2 years ago in Charts updated by support 1 year ago 4

Could you please add some levels to the heatmap, please?

It's very important to see which limit order stays for long time in the same position and to trade the Nasdaq it's necessary to have wide range, because they move some hundred points on one day. 

Or maybe is there another way, for example to draw a line from "View Dom" who are time based with the 10% most highest Limit Orders in the Book?

Or to put in the Linie Chart some Delta / Volume Circles to see want happened. 

Maybe you could make a preset with heatmap to facilitate the costumer life?

I only want give some idea, because the actual heat map isn't very good.

Image 882

Without enough levels nobody can see what are the big players doing, if they switch limit orders or leave it.

And could you change the color to dependent from the order size? 

For example, order size 100 (blue), 200 (orange), above 300 (red).