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Hello Team Volfix,

a Break Even Button (Button or an option in the dropdown menu with right click mouse) would be a really nice Setting for Traders which prefer scalping.
If you click this button then the SL order is moved instantly to your Buy/Sell Price.
Is it possible to improve Volfix with this kind of setting? 

I think a lot traders would appreciate this setting.

Thank you for your good and professional work on Volfix Anywhere.

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Thanks for the help and fast response. 
Cheers to Volfix Support

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This is not possible in the general case.

For example:

- can be several position with different S/L or some of them can be without S/L

- position open PL can be negative



Perhaps another approach:

Is it possible that the SL is automatically set to the entry when the first take profit is reached?

Thanks for your great support!



But you can use Tralling Stop with T/S Target = 0 / ON. It will be very similar.

Oh very nice! Thank you :-)

T/S = TP1

T/S Target = ON / 0

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