Thickness setting for Max Volume lines (Horizontal Histogram)

- Nighthawk - 2 years ago in Charts updated 2 years ago 4

Hello Volfix Team,

I love the possibility to have automatic Max Volume lines for several time frames in the Horizontal Histogram of Volfix Anywhere.

Would it be possible to program a setting so that the thickness of the line can be changed?

Currently the lines are just 1px thick and I would like to have the a bit thicker.

Thanks for your great support!

Hello Team! 

I would very much appreciate it if you could have even more Max Values displayed automatically. As an example (assuming a higher number would be possible) also the values of the previous days of the current week and the previous week. Another useful feature would be that the label for this is automatically displayed on the MaxValue-Ray.

Many thanks for the interest in the requests! 


Really great work! Thank you very much!!