Draw Tool Profile (P) Windows 10 - Window expands

Nemesis 2 years ago in Charts updated by support 2 years ago 5

Hello Team Volfix,

I found a strange habbit in the Windows 10 Version of Volfix (MacOS Version is working properly)

In Time Frame 1M (Cluster Profile and Boxchart) the Profile (P) Tool from Drawing Tool expands if I move my mouse horizontal (Left - Right) - The window border is getting larger and larger.

Don't know if its because of Windows 10 or a calculating Bug from the Profile Window Border

I made a screenshot for better understanding

Thank you and good work

DrawTool Profile M1 Bug


Fast and reliable

Thank you Support - Volfix Team

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Ok i tested it again and the window gets higher and higher and it doesn't matter which direction im moving with the mouse. It gets bigger and bigger
(Sorry for the double Post)


Please record a short video.

DrawTool Profile

Otherwise I will do a reinstall of Volfix Software / Windows 10 to see if its only a Local Problem.
I also asked other Volfix users if they have the same Bug, but got no answer until now.