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Hello I wanted to know if it was possible as in the figure to implement the possibility of adding levels parallel to the vwap with more variable values, I give an example now the volfix allows me to put only one value, it is possible to add other values to this function, i.e. other levels example 5 more levels? This could be very useful in the calculation possible to implement with this function a setting related to the implied volatility or other, Thanks I put a possible example on another platform

Image 809

Image 811

the advantage of this could be to be able to describe also the behavior on the gamma of the operators so we would have the possibility of having parallels to the vwap that would describe the gamma bands (described simply) ideal would be 4/5 positive levels above the vwap and 4/5 levels under the vwap, or already as and now being able to have the possibility of calculating standard deviation or choose the possibility fixed thanks very important my opinion