32 or 64 bit version of volfix?

Maciej 3 years ago in Another updated 3 years ago 4

Hi Guys,
wich version of VolFix is actuall the last one?
I trid to re-instal the 32bit version of VolFix, like I do use tham till now but get this alerst from installer - see screenshot!

On the other side, the 64bit version is not ready, isint?
This version has no charts and few other tools too.

And how about the "Anywhere" version, how it will work, whats are the advantages? A briefly description be welcome or source to the description.


Image 744


This is both alfa versions.

Please install this https://volfix.net/downloads/

but what is VolFix Anywhere?

This new VolFix version in alfa state and active developing.

I wanna to know the advantages of anywhere and how it should work versus classic desktop version.
You have a reason why you develop it.