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good morning in the statement - equity is it possible to see one equity per day and not for the whole period ??

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io qui vedo la equity generale ma mi piacerebbe anche vedere giorno per giorno cioe poter visulazzare in una giornata quale e stata la mia equity grazie 

Why such volatility of equity?


A equity it is account balance. Account balance changed only on clearing.

sorry but if I take a day of work and it gives me a positive and engaging p & l result as it may be possible not to do an equity day of the closed operations in the day that bring a positive or negative p & l, I can do this by taking the closed operations in the day with execel I can create an equity line because on folfix it is not possible to do it? if I then looking at the oeprazioni of the day I have a positive or negative p & l? if I calculate the p & l and surely a summation then why is it not possible to have an equity line ???

I ask only one simple thing, in the bear of the day or the eprido chosen by me how my operations went as below number of operations and p & L

se riesco a ottenere questo, potrei ottenere una linea di equità del giorno o del periodo in base alle transazioni chiuse nel periodo scelto che è giorno o più giorni

36/5000an answer would be appreciated thanks