automatic volume filter

Manuel Wegrzyn 4 years ago in Charts updated by support 4 years ago 4
good evening everyone
which would be good to set up an automatic volume filter in the cluster profile where the correct lots are displayed which you do not always have to set by hand

How you gonna calculate such kind of filter to make it automatic? 

Under review

There are no way to automatic calculate volume filter. Do you have idea how to do this? 


Hi, for example if: the last 20 trading days have been set in the CP H1 in the date range, and additional set in% is added in the volume limit popup e.g. 15%. Then VolFix can calculate the highest 15% from the last 20 trading days and automatically apply it as a limit.

Or instead of entering a limit, e.g. 10,000, a value of 15% can be entered. Volfix would then automatically calculate the corresponding value from the 20 days.

So every trader can decide whether to enter his limits manually or have them calculated automatically.


No way to automatic calculate right volume filter.