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good morning I noticed that the big trade function is very useful but following the indications on the size of the circles I noticed that using the sizes (5,10, 20) you could lose them graphically if I do not enlarge the graph but I want to see a wider view , perhaps an idea, if these circles were better identifiable or could also use a larger size of 20 hypotheses up to 30 or 40 I could better identify certain important trades thanks

Image 651

Hi, I am aggre with Cestolone, now I am using different colors but it is suboptimal because it's mess the chart too. Bigger cirkels will be more useful.

volfix support the best one hour and solved the problem congratulations


Now max size is 50 pips.

excellent volfix function allows you to see areas of possible absorption and exhaustion advice to everyone to try

this function

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