candle bar chart

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 it would be an advantage if there were the possibility that there are normal candlesticks, because if you come from the "normal" technical approach, you could combine this very well, and if you were to use candle for a very long time sticks acted, you know certain reversal formations etc, combining them with the volume would be awesome. and the second would be a possibility to create the time unit 3 minutes for bars in the order window? Wish you a nice day and stay healthy


VolFix doesn't support technical approach.

Thank you for your answer, but I find the answer illogical because it is not about supporting a technical trade view, it is about general trade. Because the candle bar chart is the most normal chart that is used the most no matter on which portal, software or newspaper. You see this chart. The same is with Fibonacci, Volfix has the Fibbonacci to draw in, Volfx thus supports the technical approach, essentially, I don't think it's just a common tool like the candle bar chart

VolFix draw Fibonacci only for one reason - for calculation size of take profit and stop loss orders.

We strongly recommended do not use Fibonacci for market analyze.


Candlestick is a common type of bar. It would be nice if this type of chart was present.

The candle chart does not work. just never use it.

If I want to get an overview, why not the candlebar chart that everyone is using, Atas has that too and still you trade volume with Atas, why does Volfix have a bar chart at all? if you shouldn't look at it? I do not understand the statements, if I want to trade purely with candle stick, then I do not buy a Volfix, that is clear to me, it is simply about the most common view of the charts for many decades

You can use Bar chart with type Open-Close.