Replaceable hotkey for quick ruler

Benjamin Kuhtz 4 years ago in Charts updated by support 3 years ago 6

First of all, I like your software, anyways I havea little request.

I have 2 mobile PCs which don't have a 3 button mouse. So I can't use the quick ruler function, since they are not capable of doing a middle mouse click. For you to understand: buying a 3 button mouse is NOT an option! Just make the hotkey replaceable like the other hotkeys, so I can replace the hotkey for the quick ruler. Since one of your colleagues told me he would already have send the request to your programmers and I need this function quite soon, please make it happen.

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Just buy 3 button mouse.

Also, some touchpads can emulate a mouse wheel click.

Under the spacebar in the middle, this little square is an infrared mouse. Do you have any idea how to emulate a mouse wheel with this one?


Sorry, but mouse wheel click - it is not true hotkey. It is mouse state.

We recommended to buy mouse.  Mouse cost only 1-5 EUR.

Thank you for the explanation. Now I understand it.


Added second hotkey only on VolFix Anywhere Ctrl + Left Click.