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this chart is from the dowjones shows the greed on a certain level what is important is to see the history of the skills there is How time has moved then the colors that I see here Should remain constant is only possibly the colors of the price column that is, in the column of the candle is forming they should change otherwise it is this error that I show them bel

Image 633

As you can see the colors are clearly different and so you cannot see how liquidity behaves over time the store the historian must remain unchanged when the candle is formal and passes to the next , 

colors Upside down the price I can stay has the same more intense or less intense as the liquidity changes but the historian does not have to change otherwise it becomes difficult to use this product

Image 634

 In a few words in the green box with the information candle the color can change continuously based on the change in traffic conditions but in the red box you have to remain fixed it cannot change continuously otherwise it is difficult


sorry I use a translator to write in English, in the photo above in the red picture I artificially created on volfix as it would be if the historian remained memorized and did not change continuously letting the graph scroll and deactivating the dom, as you can see and much clearer, in the first box the green one is the one I see with active sun very confusing, this tool is used to see how the liquidity moves on the book so it is better to have a clearer vision as possible


so in my opinion it would be perfect, historical liquidity green box remains fixed, in the box in formation that it is whatever time frame should change continuously as the liquidity changes on the book then at the closure of the box it stops and remains fixed to show the sotic of this box, I hope the photo is simpler than my explanation

Cestolone дело говорит явная не дороботка почему история прыгает меняя цвета как новогодняя ёлка.


Ich stimme dem Cestolone zu, es wäre für die Analyse bereichernder


DoM Heatmap - Fixed history color = ON