Self set Lines in a market on VolFix desktop also apparent in the VolFix app

Ludwig Leitner 4 years ago in Charts updated by support 4 years ago 1

Sorry, i didn't know about this community. That's why i write also here. 

I would like to see the price lines i set in VolFix in any market for example in cluster profile or boxchart on my desktop also in the app of my mobile. Of course i log in with the same account. I have a desktop layout and a different Notebook layout. Doesn't matter in which one i set a price line, i can see it in the other layout. But not in the mobile app. 

You wrote me to copy the lines in the app. 

But i don't know how to do so. I could not find anything in the settings in my Desktop VolFix account. 

Can you help me? 



Mobile App only for position support and fast trading. No way to lines from desktop app on mobile app. No way to set lines on mobile app.

We don't have plan for such futures for mobile app. 

On mobile app possible only watch alerts from desktop app.