Cumulative volume with color

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Custom profile

Color of Cumulative volume identical to the color of the bar:

up green; down red; equal white

-----> YES NO

Thank you.


Image 610

Is it possible to have a chart  "tick bar chart"  higher than a day. Thanks.

Under review

No. Tick chart have to match data. Good works only for several hours.


Yes. You can setup color on M/W - setup - custom profile - sell/buy color.

What do you mean?

The cumulative volume + profile(p); 14/12/2023

In order to obtain the bullish and bearish cumulative volume waves, with the respective colors, could you please try the following method:

1- selection of a personal profile

2- choice of waves, 2 methods to choose from

  click with the mouse, start-end .

  selection with vertical bars.

3- choice of colors, calculation and display of results.

4- divergence detection

Simple idea... , possible or not ?... thanks.


You can use Profile on Draw Tools.

Vert. Hist = On

Hist Type = Cum Delta / Cum Volume,

Image 937

Image 938

Cumulative volume profile continued. December 27, 2023

We could test the limit orders placed, in the form of a line or histogram, associated with the cumulative volume; with choice of normal histogram, delta, cumulative. A vertical histogram of limit orders would be a plus. Many possibilities exist, they could complete the vertical delta which often remains limited. Thank you for your reply. Sincerely.

Ticks chart

Cumulative long-term volume, several days with the ticks chart. No chance to see this development ?. 


No chance to development several days Tick Chart.

But you can see long-term cumulative volume for example on Box Chart with 5 secs time frame. It will be very similar as tick chart.