imbalance delta candle

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I have tried this and it is very useful and intuitive

Image 606

in volfix sorry I took the liberty of making an example

Image 607

maybe it's already possible to do it in volfix otherwise but I didn't understand how


setup - limit - sell limit - bid-ask imbalance

thanks for the answer, I tried to set it as you told me and I marked the delta and the imbalance by hand, reading the cluster vertically, I miss two boxes of imbalancae because I set 40 as a volume but the system gets me to remove all the boxes with a volume less than 40 and so if there were to be an oblique imbalance of the delta example a box with 1 lot and the other at oblique with 38 lots so the system does not show it to me, example in the picture the yellow oval that marks in oblique 3 and under 24 does not report it to me and tells me the one above 55 and 34, (the other example I gave you about the other program only takes into consideration the oblique delta), an idea we could rightly mark the percentage and minimum volumes, as and it is already now, and to insert an additional entry as an example if the oblique delta, in percentage exceeds the example 400% (and unbalance sign) do not take into account the volume at least the box of the yellow circle with 3 and 24 l avreb be taken into consideration, it would have in any case discarded the 32 and 11 on the left but it would already be better, another idea perhaps not feasible it would not be possible that the volume that I put in the setting ie in this case 40 could be the oblique volume of the cluster? thanks for your help, so I feel better I would like an additional proposal

here is an example of how I could understand the end of the dax force at an important moment last Friday at 9.45 am an important point of inversion