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good evening I'm back on this topic because with volfix heatmap I have problems, I tried to put the colors as you suggested and I have this resul

Image 597

if I put the colors as I used before I have this result

Image 598

it would be nice to be able to add more colors in order to better see the areas with more limit orders

Image 600

but it doesn't look right when they hit limit orders and I have to use another window or see this

Image 601

from the volfix bookmap is missing Historical order book heat map
and it would be nice

sorry if I returned to the subject but I was able to find out that it is very useful


I agree. Heatmap should allow you to set Min and Max color ranges for the Market Depth Historical Graph. Like this for example. Now volfix heatmap is useless for me. Please add this update.


I agree and only to improve a little and it would become a great added value


good news thanks in advance