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modified chart options and color settings propagate globally into other LAYOUT

Delphini 5 years ago in Charts updated by support 5 years ago 5

Volfix provides LAYOUT and DESKTOP, which are well thought and great features.
Thanks for that.

bug scenario: I am using a layout A with a PC and 4 screens. My Layout B is for laptop use.

I have several LAYOUTS:  

While in layout A,  I modify a chart, lets say ES. Change the background color of the Tick Chart and change the font for the scale for example.

=>  These changes apply ONLY to the chart I explicitly change, which is perfect!

Then I want to work with my other layout B and unfortunately ALL my Tick Charts are messed up. They all show the modifications I did to the ES Chart in the layout A !

Why is this a problem?

Well, the contrast on a laptop requires different color settings and font sizes compared to a desktop.

Changing one chart in layout A destroys all the settings I want to preserve in my layout B.

Could you please check and solve this issue?

Many thanks,



see my reason for dissatisfaction in my reply to the answer.

Deeper thinking into the problem would be necessary !!

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Font size must be save on layout. We wiil check this.

But colors settings - not. Because as usually users want have same colors for all layouts.

Not a bug

Font size saved on layout.

well, that's not logic at all.

I chose a simple example to simplify the reproduction of the problem on your side.

But let's look at it like this:

You provide me with the possibility to change background color and font color in a cluster chart. 

When I change it for asset A, it doesn't change for the other assets that I also have open windows for in my Layout A.

(here:  not at all "users want the same Colors for all.."

But in my other layout B all my assets, not only the asset A (exp ES)  has changed settings for the cluster.

Please put yourself in a user's position. This is no request about "beauty" or personal preferences.

It is essential, that READABILITY is guaranteed.  That's what all your color and option settings are for.

So from a usability point of view it is non-sense that ALL my charts in the laptop layout changed while on my desktop setup nothing has changed except the one asset chart that I explicitly have changed manually.

don't forget:  You propagate all settings across the layout. Which makes no sense at all. It spoils all benefits from having different layouts for different computer setups (except one: the positioning of the windows across available screens).

There is no real reason to have different color schemes. 

Your proposal will create big problems for all users.