Buy/Sell Trigger to Market Order

MattB 5 years ago in Order Window updated by joh 2 years ago 2

Hi Volfix Team

Could you please create a Sell/Buy Trigger to turn into a Market Order, as opposed to a Limit Order?

Here's why: If I place a limit order and the price reaches my limit, but only a very small number of lots are traded at this level and I don't get filled at this level, there is very often not enough time to adjust my limit before the market turns around and I don't participate. If the trigger function would trigger a market order, then I would get filled for sure (with a little slippage) and can participate in the market movement.

Thank you for your consideration!

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Exchanges doesn't support such order type directly. So, such order possible implement only on Volfix side. This order will not be very reliable.

The second problem, at finally it will be market order. Market order as usually will execute 1 tick worse.

So, you can simulate such order just to send limit order on 1 tick worse.

are some templates for the volfix avaiable cant realise good workspace