Synchronized scroll and zoom in multiple charts

Benjamin Kuhtz 5 years ago in Charts updated by support 5 years ago 3

Hi Volfix team,

can you please introduce a feature to link the scroll of multiple charts together? (ie Cluster Profile, Box Chart and Order Window) which should be independently selectable like with the Sync Mode in the Market Watch window.

If I scroll left, right, up and down and zoom in or out in Cluster Profile it should scroll and zoom the same way in the Box Chart or in the Order Window.

T hank you.



Impossible to make such a future. Because all chart have different zoom and time frame.

If that's the problem, why it can't be done then forget about a zoom and time frame feature. I just want to be able to scroll all selected windows together at one time.

Left, right, up and down.

Different windows have different zoom, cluster visual size, window size and time frame. So, no way to scrolling several chart on the same distance.