Custom profile + Delta self scale

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Custom profile:

2 options:

1-Volume with two limits


Could you add a 'Delta self scale' option

(Calculation Volume + Delta), horizontal bar type 'stacked bar chart'.

Option that could work with the limit volumes chosen by the trader. Thank you.


Пользовательский профиль:
2 варианта:
1-томный с двумя ограничениями
Не могли бы вы добавить опцию «Delta Self Scale»
(Расчет объема + Дельта), горизонтальная полоса типа «гистограмма с накоплением».
Опция, которая может работать с предельными объемами, выбранными трейдером. Спасибо.

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Please explain your requests.

Custom Profile already have 2 volume limits:

1-  Graphic Volfix profile: volume delta, TVol, Tdelta.

2- Custom Profile:

We could have the same result.

Add a Delta Self Scale option.

a- Do the calculation with the horizontal level Volume , the better option ? .

b- Do the calculation with T.hist: AVG VOL.

It should be tested.

You could add  'AVG VOL' below the Custom Profile ...

Another option to think :the Relative volume 

Thank you.


Another option : 2 limit volumes could be a filter . Thanks.

2 Volume Limits  of Custom Profile :

The program could provide us the mini volume, the maximum volume of the quick profile and transfer these two values in both volume limits 1 and 2 ...?

I can't understand your request. Please send on email support@volfix.net more detail.

You're right, the Delta Self Scale option for the Custom profile remains valid but my calculation is wrong! ...

Please test the sequence  CUSTOM PROFILE :

1-Enter Type: volume ... ok graphic
2- Limit 1: Enter a number
    Limit 2: Enter a number
---> OK
3- Enter Type: Delta
---> no graphic delta? ..

May you add an option: OPEN CLOSE STATE WITH on the left side of the custom profile.
Thank you .

Can you explain the calculation of the Delta self scale? or is it "proprietary" and protected by your copyright? . Thanks.

Do you mean future on cluster profile - options - delta self scale?

Delta self scale of the new Custom profile update today.

On this update was added 2 additional limits for buy/sell delta and open-close line.

The options on cluster profile "delta self scale" doesn't make sense on custom profile. It is just split scale for volume and delta hist.