Cluster Profile: always VPOC

Jonathan Wittmann 5 years ago in Charts updated 4 years ago 4


Cluster Profile:

As it stands, the Option ‘Bar max Volume’ is dependent on the data chosen in right and left cluster.

Eg: If Volume is chosen, I will get the VPOC (Max traded Volume) marked on the cluster.
If SellxBuy is chosen, I will get the Max Number of sold on the left and max number of bought contracts on the right.

I propose to extend the option to offer the VPOC (max traded Vol) in all settings.

That means: I choose SellxBuy as primary info in the cluster but I am also able to see the VPOC (max traded Vol), not the max sell or buy.

This could be realised by extending the options that can be chosen from in the menu (screenshot attached). So the ‘on’ setting could be for the primary info (eg Sell and buy) and then I can choose VPOC to display the true max traded volume, marked across left and right side of the cluster, regardless of which info the cluster displays (sxb, delta, delta% etc…).

Please advise. Thank you

The Problem:

Left side Volume, the VPOC is displayed - right side: SxB, VPOC is not available

same settings

Image 470

Proposal: VPOC/ true VPOC Option

Image 471


it is marked as completed, but I cannot find the Option to set this up correctly.

Can you help me?