Contract volumen profile in Cluster Profile

Maciej 5 years ago in Charts updated by support 5 years ago 6

Hi Guys,

Is it possible to expand the TF2 profiles and add profiles for the current contract?

This way the profile could be displayed the same way as it is for the month, week or day.


Yes of course I can do it. I can do it every month, week, etc. It is about making the work easier and not cumbersome. A software like ATAS does that without any problems, does not understand why VF can not do that.

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Just load chart on contract and left histogram will be contract profile.

Can you showing such TF2 from ATAS?

On ATAS the indicator Market Profile allow monthly period max.

On VolFIx we have spatial window Volume Profile. On this module available contract, week, day, custom profile on one chart. 

ATAS display also the contract. On the picture do you see the manu to choise the last or current month or even contract. Sorry for the bad qualitie. 


It is not external TF. It is left histogram.

You can use Volume Profile window.