extended naked POc/VAL/VAH + cumulative delta

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Is it posible to extended naked VPOC, VAL,VAH form last days to the right side of graph ?(1 option - Only naked/untached. 2 opction, extened lines from direct day).

Is it posible to extended low/close/high form yesterday tu curent price?

Is it posible to add cumulative delta?

Image 420



Set T.Hist = CUM DELTA to enable cumulative delta.

TF2 showing high/low and POC levels. POC level extended to same price on next day.

High/low level not possible to extend to next day yet.

Thank you for replay. My explanations on pictures.

Searching answer

No way to presented cumulative delta as high-low bar. Cumulative delta it is only one value per each cluster.

TF2 now support to extended POC across all chart.