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Hello everybody,

my english is not the best, i hope you understand my idea.

For my trading i mark the highest volumes of a range of time with lines in different colors, for example the highest volume in the last contract with dark red, the highest volume of this month in green.

I copy the volumes from the volume journal and paste it in (12-15 lines for each market).

But when i can't trade for 2 or 3 days, most of the lines have to be created again (this week, this month, the last 3 days...).

My idea would be a script or something, where i have a button, which inserts the lines i need in the right color. The options for this has not to be built in the Volfix-program, it could be in an .ini-file, which i can edit with notepad.

What do you mean?

Thx for answer, Gorea327

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Sorry, but Volfix doesn't support any external control system.

Do you copy several lines from one Vol Journal? May be you need multi select  on VJ for mass copy lines?


that would be helpful, is that possible to make?


We will try to add such future.