improvement T/S Target

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When reaching 4 pips, SL is put on debut and only at the 6th pip, the T / S target is placed on 2 pips above the start.

If the trade goes further into the +, then the SL remains above the debit at 2 pips and does not go along anymore.


1. After reaching the Stops stop, the T / S Target should jump to the set value and not before the debut. Or. This startup setup does not have to be removed, but it could be an option that you could disable / enable.

2. After T / S Target has seized, it should continue to actively move with the trade for example in the amount of the Trailing Stop number or better yet, you can set yourself by how many pips this should move and would not depend on the previously set Trailing Stop size.


Trailing Stop - it is standard (as usually Broker side) order.

T/S Target - just profit size when Trailing Stop must be stop follow up market.

No way to make any modification to standard orders kind. 

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