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When an alert pops up and one places an order the same time the software crashed and needs to be restarted. Had that issue two times.

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Please send screenshot of such problem.

You can also simulate that error on your side. Simply place an alert, place a limit order but don't release the line respectively leave your finger on the mouse button. When the alert gets triggered you will see the order limit line in the order window and the alert pop up in front of you. The order will not execute and the program crashes / needs to be restarted.

Then when restarting..

.. and back in the order window after restart the order is also gone:


Thanks we will investigate the issue.

Let me know, do you have "Stay on Top" windows?

Also, try to press  Esc in such a case, it will unlock VolFix.

I can't to simulate this error.

Please send screenshot or order window when you placing order and order window - setup - options.

Let me know, do you have "Stay on Top" windows?

Since placing an order is a moving action you cannot capture it with a screenshot. All I can provide are the previous screenshots and explanation. Yes, windows stay on top.


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Which of the windows on Stay on Top mode? Order Window?

Be carefully when using Stay on Top mode! Such mode good only for small size windows (like small Market Watch or Times & Sales).

Volfix really not hung in your case. I think that Stay on Top windows overlay waiting dialog window.

No way to resolve such problem. Just disable Stay on Top.

Other way, you can try to disable Order send/cancel confirmation and "View Ok notification" in Order Win Options,

But at any case, You must disable Stay on top for all big size windows.

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Please restart VolFix and try to repeat problem without disabled Stay On Top.

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