Wishes and Problems

daniel 1 week ago in Charts • updated by support 2 days ago 6

Wisches are: 
1.the Value Area Lines (red dashed lines) be made color-coded and configurable in the line style and the direction. Many do not recognize the lines properly, if there is another line on the same price.

2. want an option that can color the value area within a candle


if the daily high and daily low lines can be made visible. Settings for whether the lines are displayed or hidden.

One issue that I and others have noticed is that using Rightclick -> Lines -> Dell all or Dell all prices is not working properly. After application, the lines are cleared but when the timeframe of e.g. 1H on 4H all lines are back + the lines that were drawn months ago. So you have to use Dell All on all timeframes, so that the lines are gone.

Thanks and Best regards


This suggestion would bring a good Overview for our Trading. 🚀

Under review


  1. You can change line color on setup - color settings - tpo/tpo2. You can change width of line on Market Watch - setup - global options - TPO line Width.
  2. Yes, we have plan to added such options,
  3. Can you show example how you see such lines ?


I not sure that it is bug, Function Dell All lines must delete lines ONLY on current chart. But not delete "All Window/All TF" lines on others chart.

But we will check the problem.


        3. Maybe something like this?


        3. For Example. The Daily high and Daily low stands out until that level was broken. Thus, the line is drawn to the breakthrough.

        to the Problem with Del All. 
        Can this option be added "Del All Windows / All TF?"


        The Problem with Delete All time was fixed. Just restart VolFix.

        This fix will implement only for new "del all" actions.

        Also added new action "delete all UNLOCKED lines"

        Req. 2 already available on Custom Profile.