Cluster Profile 1 DAY

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Cluster module  1 day

Can you please automate the analysis of the day to get the following levels:
        lvn on a line.

Other variables:
      1- poc

      2-volume _ max delta + ;  --------- > volume _max delta +  (on the same level of price)
      3-volume _ max delta -
following the time interval.
We can keep the lines for this representation.

We can observe the evolution of volume and delta for the price

Sometimes the line presents a difficulty to represent two variables, for example poc and delta on the same price.
The poc could be of a different color from the delta.

We could have a box or a circular area on the graph for volume maxdelta+ and volume maxdelta - ;  and a line for the poc, or something else depending on your imagination .

Image 262On the graph below, volume is not represented.

Thank you beforehand .

Image 261


3 graphics day Cluster profile.
Option1: Can you put these 3 graphics in a single window and draw automatically by programming the poc, the delta max positive and the delta max negative.
Option 2: Open a window automatically if the levels change.

The ideal would be to have the levels of cluster DAY profile in correspondence with the graph time (here 15mn).


3 графических дня
Вариант 1: можете ли вы поместить эти 3 графики в одно окно и сделать автоматически, программируя poc, delta max positive и delta max negative.
Вариант 2: автоматически открывайте окно, если уровни меняются.

Идеальным было бы иметь уровни профиля кластерного дня в соответствии с графическим временем (здесь 15mn).


Thank you.

Under review


Did you try to enabled TF2=1DAY ?


Thank you, i will test.

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Thank you for your comment. This idea dates a little, 2 years !. Since then I have progressed, I hope? . From my current point of view the delta max + and - is not enough. An expert system should offer an analysis of Elliot or Harmonic waves, from one to three indicators, Bollinger Keltner, rsi, or other, a moving average at least, a fine analysis of bid ask volume trades levels lower than one second (absorption rejection. ...), some Japanese candle figures remain valid. A calculation of buy sell climaxes. All of these results should appear in a table or on the graphs ...... the subject is inexhaustible for an enthusiast.

Is a personal application feasible ?. There remains the problem of the flows generated and the price systems of the servers, dedicated line, mob, proximity to Chicago centers or other ... While waiting for the latest Volfix version, for the moment I use several programs. To read you, thank you.