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I was thinking of some kind of customizable naming for the individual drawings - following the label function of the price lines. However, I have reconsidered this and no longer see it as necessary. Nevertheless, thanks for the answer!

However, I would like to ask if there would be a possibility to make the lines even thinner for certain price (-ranges) (like that thickness which is used for the Horizontal charts as Max. Value Lines, is used)?


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Thank you very much. That would be one possibility. I thought it would be very helpful to be able to display all the maximum previous day volumes of the current and last week in a very short time. Since I do it in a similar way via the Horizontal Histogram (Only Max Volume Ray) for the daily, (pre-) weekly and (pre-) monthly, I thought it could also be set up in a similar way ;-)

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Perhaps another approach:

Is it possible that the SL is automatically set to the entry when the first take profit is reached?

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I would very much appreciate it if you could have even more Max Values displayed automatically. As an example (assuming a higher number would be possible) also the values of the previous days of the current week and the previous week. Another useful feature would be that the label for this is automatically displayed on the MaxValue-Ray.

Many thanks for the interest in the requests!