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Is it possible to list the volume journal under Global Hotkeys and to enter the desired hotkey as you like?

Is this option extensive? Many of my participants wish that the distance can be increased. It would only need more pixels, e.g. max 1000 can be inserted.

It would be really good if the value were increased.

thanks, but it is possible to set the distance more than 100px? 


Alarm-Hotkey Beispiel: Drücken Sie die Taste "A", um einen Alarm direkt einzustellen. Die Alarmlinie sollte in allen Fenstern sichtbar sein. (Wie auch die aktuellen Markierungslinien).

Is it possible to tie an alarm on a hotkey that it is pressed and only the alarm must be placed? Is it possible that the alarm in all chart windows of the same e.g. currency is made visible?

that would be a very good change.


many participants want a plain classic candle chart with the volume profile, where an additional overview of the markets can be made.
It is possible?

it is possible to do the option for alert lines "all windows" optional? The user, they need this can be activate these option!?

hello, is it possible? Many participants wish that the Alert Lines can be linked with the function all windows. 

It is possible to show the lines of the draw tool with an option that these lines in all charts of the same type, e.g. to be displayed in the ES? For example, trendlines

best regards

another desired change would be to integrate the volume profile into the bar chart. Like the function in the cluster profiles.

best regards

Thanks for fulfilling the wish!

Another request from subscribers is to move the Line Settings window slightly to the left so that you can see the note directly on a line at a price. Is this possible? Thank you very much