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Hello, unless there is an error or misunderstanding on my part, I do not see this idea discussed on the forum.

Buy Sell Leader -->ON  

Buy Sell leader Size ; Double cluster graph Sell / Buy.

How to determine the direction of movement and the buy sell imbalance?

1- Visually...?

2- By adding the value of each buy sell cluster ?

Representation of the 2 figures on the graph, several choices...

Please , could you test this hypothesis . Cordial greetings.

Привет, ---->Некоторые идеи: Профиль, 1-отображение ставки vwap, Ask vwap, общий vwap, 2- счетчик котировок профиля, дельта, совокупность.., 3- счетчик котировок вертикальной гистограммы, дельта .., 4- сводка : профиль суммы дельта макс дельта+ дельта- , ...Спасибо

Hi,---->Some ideas : Profile , 1-display bid vwap, ask vwap, total vwap, 2- profile quotes counter, delta, aggregate.. , 3- vertical histogram quotes counter, delta .., 4- summary : sum profile delta max delta+ delta- , ...Thanks.

The Williams Fractals provides a valuable indication of current waves, top, bottom. Would it be possible to add the corresponding price?.Thank you.

Cumulative volume profile continued. December 27, 2023

We could test the limit orders placed, in the form of a line or histogram, associated with the cumulative volume; with choice of normal histogram, delta, cumulative. A vertical histogram of limit orders would be a plus. Many possibilities exist, they could complete the vertical delta which often remains limited. Thank you for your reply. Sincerely.

Could you please show a corresponding graph. Thank you.

The cumulative volume + profile(p); 14/12/2023

In order to obtain the bullish and bearish cumulative volume waves, with the respective colors, could you please try the following method:

1- selection of a personal profile

2- choice of waves, 2 methods to choose from

  click with the mouse, start-end .

  selection with vertical bars.

3- choice of colors, calculation and display of results.

4- divergence detection

Simple idea... , possible or not ?... thanks.

Thank you for your work, best regards..