Your comments

yes i know but when i do this every bid or ask with 1000 or more is marked, but i only would like to see those with 1000 or more AND imbalance :D
i think it would actually also be cool to set multiple imbalances, so that you could mark them with different colors so you know how big the imbalance is.
For example you could then set 300% with orange and 500% with red.

i would like to display bid-ask imbalance, but only if the volume is minimum 1000 for example.
So lets say imbalance is set to 500%.

If 50 E-Mini SP contracts are sold at the bid at 2500,00 and 10 are bought at the ask at 2500,25 it would show me an imbalance. But i would only like to see the Imbalance if it was 1000@ 2500,00 and 10@2500,25.

So in order to show an imbalance it has to hit the imbalance % and also a minimum volume