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is it possible to make the candlesticks in the cluster profile manually customizable? The width of the candle body.

Unfortunately, at the moment the body is hardly recognizable by the wick.

Classic profiles - Running profiles:

Is it possible to add the option that with the possibility of running profiles optional only single "candles" are opened and not all?

In addition, it would be helpful if several days could be merged at will, e.g. at Inside Days and want to present this as a profile with the previous day.

Is it possible, if several lines are placed on a price, if the arrangement of the lines (see picture) in the submenu can be scanned directly between the lines. (left and right arrow on the picture. (is an idea to implement it)
See "Switch Line left arrow, right arrow"


На рассмотрении

The first and last requests is possible and will be done.

Second request is not possible.

PS: Please create one topic per each request...


The first requests is done.

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