Cluster Profile 1 DAY

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Cluster module  1 day

Can you please automate the analysis of the day to get the following levels:
        lvn on a line.

Other variables:
      1- poc
      2-volume _ max delta + ;  --------- > volume _max delta +  (on the same level of price)
      3-volume _ max delta -
following the time interval.
We can keep the lines for this representation.
We can observe the evolution of volume and delta for the price

Sometimes the line presents a difficulty to represent two variables, for example poc and delta on the same price.
The poc could be of a different color from the delta.
We could have a box or a circular area on the graph for volume maxdelta+ and volume maxdelta - ;  and a line for the poc, or something else depending on your imagination .

On the graph below, volume is not represented.

Thank you beforehand .


3 graphics day Cluster profile.
Option1: Can you put these 3 graphics in a single window and draw automatically by programming the poc, the delta max positive and the delta max negative.
Option 2: Open a window automatically if the levels change.

The ideal would be to have the levels of cluster DAY profile in correspondence with the graph time (here 15mn).


3 графических дня
Вариант 1: можете ли вы поместить эти 3 графики в одно окно и сделать автоматически, программируя poc, delta max positive и delta max negative.
Вариант 2: автоматически открывайте окно, если уровни меняются.

Идеальным было бы иметь уровни профиля кластерного дня в соответствии с графическим временем (здесь 15mn).


Thank you.

Under review


Did you try to enabled TF2=1DAY ?


Thank you, i will test.