Reverse chart : Dualvolume + Volume limit + Delta

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Reverse chart; volume limit table ; to be completed

Depending on the time chosen (here 30 minutes), volatility, model.
   Add Dual volume
   Volume limit ; is already in the table (300)
   Add Delta


  1- either a visual alert; sound.
  2- either a triangle which appears (under / above) the bar concerned with the color corresponding to the green buy direction; sell red.

  3- other, your choice.

Could be useful in certain cases.

Perhaps this request has already been more or less formulated ? ..
Thank you.



1- Volfix triggers a Signal according to the characteristics chosen : init volume, dual volume, delta, volume limit,  period ; volatility, model.
2- following this signal, Volfix analyzes the previous divergences according to the parameters entered by the trader ;  (number of anterior bars; time ......).
Volfix check if  a divergence appears :
   divergence  Price / Volume (init or dual).
   divergence  Price / Delta  +/-
A plus in the trader's arsenal ? ...; thanks.

Hi, please add , 

Reverse chart:

  V.hist    Dual vol   + Delta

  V.hist    Init vol     + Delta


Было бы полезно сразу отображать дельту и объем